Safety, Sustainability, Health, Environment & Quality

Working to the standards of BSI ISO 45001, Comex 2000 is committed to the compliance and implementation of all relevant Health & Safety laws, regulations and codes of practice.

Providing sufficient resource and the correct training, our aim is to ensure the wellbeing and prevention of ill health and injury to all of our employees and members of the public that are affected by our company operations.


Working to the standards of BSI ISO 14001, we are committed to exceeding the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice.

We take all environmental matters into consideration in our decision making and business strategy, enforcing the practice of purchasing products and materials that cause least damage to the environment and ensure we minimise and reduce waste through recycling.


Working to the standards of BSI ISO 9001, compliance to all statutory obligations and codes of practice are adhered to, with continuous review and communication of our Quality Objectives, we are committed to ensuring that the quality of service to our clients is continually improved upon and exceeds expectations at all times.

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